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A véletlenül lebontott autófeljáró esete Lefogy vagy lefogy nyelvtan, Hogyan kell mondani, hogy lefogy portugálul Tartalom Szalai Nóri Bradford City Gent Lenny Berry quits mascot job after weight loss A Vagy lefogy City mascot has lost his job after vagy lefogy two decades because he is no longer "portly" enough for the role. Lenny Berry, 59, has been wearing a bowler hat to play the rotund City Gent for 20 years but has quit after losing seven stone due to diabetes.

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It said it offered him a "Sumo-style suit" but he did not accept. The City Gent character wears a bowler hat and vagy lefogy an umbrella and brief case.

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He was first introduced by the club in the s and also lends his name fogyás haslánc its fanzine. In a statement, club director Roger Owen said Mr Berry decided vagy lefogy leave with immediate effect following talks.

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Mr Owen said: "We agreed that action needed to be taken. I met Lenny late Friday and he gave me his decision, which he had been pondering for some three weeks.

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On behalf of the board, I would like to thank Lenny for his efforts over what has been a long time, in all weathers and through the various fortunes of the club. He has brought fun and enjoyment to many, particularly our fans at the younger end of the age scale, and he finishes with our best wishes for the future. Lefogy vagy lefogy nyelvtan fans have been paying tribute to Mr Berry. Olvassa el is.

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